…students enjoy working with clay, and I love working among them, teaching, helping, and listening. It’s so gratifying to hear them using anatomical terminology when they don’t even know I’m listening.

Mary Simmons, Anatomy & Physiology Teacher, Palmer High School, Colorado Springs, CO

…I also learned things I never really understood after 30 years in nursing because the models allow you to visualize in 3-D and make more physiologic correlations. Thanks Zahourek.

Joleen Rinaldo, Secondary Med Prep Instructor, Northeastern Junior College, Sterling, CO

…I have seen a dramatic increase in student interest, enthusiasm, and understanding…I even have parents telling me how much their kids love anatomy and using the Anatomy in Clay® Learning System… the light bulbs go on over their heads when they “get it,” and fun to watch them succeed when I’ve pushed them beyond where they thought they could go.

Deb Yats, Biology Teacher, Nouvel Catholic Central High School, Saginaw, MI

I am not exaggerating when I say that (the) Anatomy in Clay® System has changed my life as a teacher and an artist. It has provided me a way to share with my students a tactical knowledge of the body….Students just get it! Anatomy becomes immediately and spatially knowable for all students, not just a few.

Amy Ficheter, Professor of Art, University of Wisconsin, Stout, WI

I never really grasped anatomy until I started building it from the inside out. …A former student of mine who is now in medical school called to tell me that she aced her first gross anatomy exam. She attributed her success to having first learned anatomy on the Maniken® model. I would never teach without it again. It has breathed new life into my teaching career

Jacque Homan, PhD. , Biology, South Plains College, Levelland, TX

…a methodology that would approach the teaching of Anatomy from a different perspective, one that encouraged independence, student-centered instruction, and engaged all types of learners…to my delight I found what I was seeking… the Anatomy in Clay® system transformed our program …

Teri Fleming, Recently Retired Science Instructor, Biology and Anatomy (and winner of Teacher of Year Award six times and nominated 12 times more), Alief, ISD, Houston, TX

…Where the system has really benefited my students is the ability to learn anatomy in a way that is not reduced to rote memorization. The ability to activate a student’s brain in both a kinesthetic and spatial sense is one that I feel can only deepen their understanding further. This system allows anatomy to become more accessible to more students, as well as further deepen the understanding of students who already have cognitive access to the material due to its ability to engage students in more than one way.

Jonathan Guthrie, PLTW Biomed Science Teacher, North Montgomery High School, Crawfordsville, IN

The state of Oklahoma has come to embrace the concept, training and equipment for Anatomy in Clay® (Learning System), by Zahourek Systems, Inc. over the past three years…Nearly fifty school districts have implemented the system into their Anatomy and Physiology education and feedback from students and educators alike is extremely positive.

Lara Skaggs, Oklahoma Program Manager, Health Careers Education

…students enjoy working with the clay and research has shown that when students see, hear, and touch as they learn, the knowledge retention is increased significantly. We highly recommend the use of the Anatomy in Clay® products from Zahourek Systems, Inc. and plan to continue to implement as the “dissection” component of our Anatomy and Physiology coursework.

Patty Harrison Secondary Science Coordinator, Alief, ISD, Houston,TX

…as a teacher (as well as an RN), it makes my day to be teaching with the models now. I know my students are really learning anatomy by building in clay both in my live classes and my distance learning interactive television classes. I cannot imagine learning anatomy and physiology without the models!

Valerie Heuchert, RN, Health Careers Instructor, North Valley Career and Technical Center, Grafton, ND

…most common student comments from our anatomy classes were… “I can really understand it when I build it with my own hands.” … “It was so much fun, and it really helped me learn the anatomy” .. “I don’t get anatomy when I look at a picture, or just hear about it. When I build it, I understand it.”

Carol Seemueller, Anatomy Teacher, Rocky Mountain High School Fort Collins, CO

…The word gets out and anatomy and physiology has become even more popular due to this learning system! It is a very hard, college level class, but the students do fantastic, in part due to the hands-on learning that takes place. …I can’t rave enough about them. I love them from the “births” to their “autopsies” that take place each year.

Debbi Warren, Anatomy/Physiology teacher at North Medford High School – Medford, OR


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