MANIKEN® Student Series


…students enjoy working with the clay and research has shown that when students see, hear, and touch as they learn, the knowledge retention is increased significantly. We highly recommend the use of the Anatomy in Clay® products from Zahourek Systems, Inc. and plan to continue to implement as the “dissection” component of our Anatomy and Physiology coursework.

Patty Harrison Secondary Science Coordinator, Alief, ISD, Houston,TX


The MANIKEN® Student Series

Our Classic models are entire skeletons.  The Student models – in use in more than 6,000 classrooms nationwide – divide into subsections and along the midline and are ideal for teams of students working together.

Nationally recognized as an method of instruction that increases student retention and test scores, the Student 2 models:

  • Allow students to learn kinesthetically through model building with clay
  • Teach musculature and body systems
  • Include cartilages and connective tissues that are as vital as bone
  • Can be sketched on with pencils for skeletal system analysis
  • Stand (instead of dangling) to reflect the force of gravity on body systems
  • Divide into subsystems for shared use and focused lessons
  • Split down the midline to support shared use and additional lab stations
  • Are durable, easily cleaned, and reusable





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