Support Materials

Clay Designed for Learning

Non-toxic and non-drying, our clay warms in the hand and is easy to use. The handling characteristics of this clay improve with age. This type of clay is sometimes referred to as “plastilene” or “plastilina.”

Each ANATOMY IN CLAY® Learning System comes with the clay needed for basic body system building. You may wish to supplement the initial supply for specialized lessons or over time.  Our Education Consultants can help you decide what clay to add and what quantity is needed.


ZSR-101     Terra Cotta (brick) for muscles

ZSR-102     Natural (buff) for tendons

ZSR-104     Red for arteries

ZSR-105     Orange for miscellaneous

ZSR-106     Yellow for nerves

ZSR-107     Green for lymphatics

ZSR-108     Blue for veins


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