Workshop Policies

Zahourek Systems Inc. (“ZSI”) reserves the right to cancel the workshop, if necessary, due to circumstances beyond our control or when enrollment is deemed insufficient. In this event, all deposits, tuitions and fees will be refunded.  ZSI cannot be responsible for workshops, or portions of workshops that registrant or participants miss due to illness, emergency, or other events beyond the control of ZSI.  ZSI cannot be responsible for losses incurred by any registrant due to airline fares or other travel arrangements in the event that the workshop must be canceled or postponed. Travel insurance is strongly recommended.

ZSI accepts major credit cards, school purchase orders, and checks. Please make payable to “Zahourek Systems Inc.”

To view information on Zahourek Systems Inc.’s intellectual property, please see the link below.

Photo Policy and Release Policy:

Zahourek is sensitive to the quality and content of the photographs taken of their products and models. Accordingly, You are not authorized to create derivative works of the Products including photographs, images, and videos of the Product and display thereof without express written authorization of Zahourek. However, Zahourek allows personal, non-commercial, non-sequential photographs of Zahourek’s models for social networking use (e.g., a photograph of a student with a Maniken® model from a class posted on Facebook is allowed for personal, non-commercial use), (the “Photo Exception”). Except for the rights granted herein, You cannot incorporate any of the Intellectual Property including any derivative works including photographs, images, and videos of the Products into other works without the express written authorization by Zahourek. All rights, title, and interest of the Intellectual Property and Associated Intellectual Property shall remain with Zahourek and all derivative works including photographs, images, and videos of the Product created by You, other than by standard use, are hereby assigned to Zahourek. Should You teach classes using your Product, Zahourek obligates, or as otherwise required by Zahourek, You to advise your students that the class is offered as an educational tool only and that by participating in the class, no rights, including any right to take photographs other than the Photo Exception, to any of the Intellectual Property or Products are granted to the students. The license rights granted herein remain with the Product; upon any sale or destruction of the Product, your license rights will terminate and the license rights will transfer to any subsequent owner.


I hereby irrevocably consent to and authorize the use and reproduction by Zahourek Systems Inc. and affiliates of any and all photos and videotapes taken during the dated event

noted above, for any purpose, without further compensation to me. These images, regardless of media, shall constitute the property of Zahourek Systems, Inc. and affiliates,


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