…as a teacher (as well as an RN), it makes my day to be teaching with the models now. I know my students are really learning anatomy by building in clay both in my live classes and my distance learning interactive television classes. I cannot imagine learning anatomy and physiology without the models!

Valerie Heuchert, RN, Health Careers Instructor, North Valley Career and Technical Center, Grafton, ND

Featured Educator Lise Stolze: Sharing How Anatomy Inspires Movement

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Jon Zahourek and Lise Stolze with human hand models

This week we spotlight Lise Stolze, MPT, DSc as our Featured Educator. A physical therapist, trained in Pilates, Lise first experienced the ANATOMY IN CLAY® Learning System six years ago when she took a weekend course at the Polestar Pilates Educator conference that incorporated the MANIKEN® models.

She says, “I learned a lot more from layering the muscles from deep to superficial rather than from superficial to deep as one does with dissection on cadavers. It changed the way I understood anatomy.”

At the forthcoming Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) conference in Fort Lauderdale this October, Lise will teach a short course titled “Muscles of the Hip and their Influence on the Pelvis: How Anatomy Explains Function.” Participants will learn about major muscles of the hip and pelvis, discuss the role of muscle function in the myofascial sling system and understand its influence on the pelvis and spine.

The Clay-building portions of the course will be interspersed with “mini movement labs” to deepen the attendees’ understanding of the concepts, as well as show them new ways to educate others.

As Lise notes, “Building on the models brings anatomy to the forefront of one’s senses – in fact to all the senses. It makes learning so much more worthwhile because it is three-dimensional.”

Stolze also intends to develop a series of short courses, using the ANATOMY IN CLAY® Learning System that would

Lise building clay musculature onto a hand model

serve as an anatomy course pre-requisite for Polestar Pilates professional training. She explains, “Right now students have to take a college level anatomy course, requiring memorization. Building the muscles in clay is a better way to learn.”

Lise uses her knowledge of anatomy to work with her fitness clients and rehabilitation patients – some of whom are severely injured. She conducts clinical assessments of each client, observing how they move, and where they might be compromised or experiencing pain.

At the same time, she determines what healing modalities might serve them best. She incorporates physical therapy, Pilates, Gyrotonic®, and various manual therapies including massage, and trigger point dry needling and  joint mobilization.

“Your body is a reflection of what you do everyday. The more patients I see, the more experience helps me know what works with certain people over time – no particular pain remedy works for everyone.“

In addition, Lise is the primary author of a recent study on low back pain and Pilates. Published in the Journal of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy (May, 2012), this preliminary clinical prediction rule is a precursor to a clinical trial and shows that patients with low back pain who are likely to benefit from Pilates-based exercise share specific characteristics.

Lise working on a pelvic skeltal model

We look forward to Lise’s upcoming courses for Pilates Instructors and Physical Therapists. Her valuable contribution not only furthers the study of anatomy, it also supports professionals in their rehabilitative interventions with patients—helping them to diagnose physical ailments and dysfunction, encourage injury prevention, and bring pain relief to many.

Muscles of the Hip and their Influence on the Pelvis:
How Anatomy Explains Function
Post-conference workshop
Saturday, October 12 from1:30-4:30
Fort Lauderdale,FL


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