…students enjoy working with the clay and research has shown that when students see, hear, and touch as they learn, the knowledge retention is increased significantly. We highly recommend the use of the Anatomy in Clay® products from Zahourek Systems, Inc. and plan to continue to implement as the “dissection” component of our Anatomy and Physiology coursework.

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Mini Lesson #3: Practice Directional Terms – Distal & Proximal

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Anatomical directional terms provide a common method of communication that are used to describe the locations of structures in relation to other structures or locations in the body.


Distal:  Away from, farther from the origin
Proximal:  Near, closer to the origin

  1. Using clay, have students place a yellow, green and blue dot anywhere on the arm of their MANIKEN® model.
  2. Fill in the blank with the terms PROXIMAL or DISTAL to complete the following statements:
    • Yellow is ______________ in reference to green.
    • Green is   ______________ in reference to blue.
    • Blue is      ______________  in reference to yellow

NOTE: This activity can be modified for teaching and/or reinforcing the directional terms:

    • inferior/superior
    • medial/lateral
    • anterior/posterior

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