…students enjoy working with the clay and research has shown that when students see, hear, and touch as they learn, the knowledge retention is increased significantly. We highly recommend the use of the Anatomy in Clay® products from Zahourek Systems, Inc. and plan to continue to implement as the “dissection” component of our Anatomy and Physiology coursework.

Patty Harrison Secondary Science Coordinator, Alief, ISD, Houston,TX

How Do You Get Middle School Students Interested in Health Careers?

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This week we interviewed Sharon Bruno, M.Ed., NBCT from Punta Gorda Middle School in Punta Gorda, Florida.  She was recently awarded the 2013 ITEEA Teacher of Excellence Award for a Middle School STEM Lab in the state of Florida! Sharon teaches Grade 8 Career Education and Technology in a hi-tech STEM Lab and has been using the ANATOMY IN CLAY® Learning System for the last three years.

In her classroom, Sharon created a “Station” titled Anatomy and Myology. And it’s popular–she reports that students eagerly wait in line for a chance to sign up for their turn. The station hosts MANIKEN® Student Models which when divided in half, enable students to share a single model as well as engage in positive group work.

The learning methodology at the Anatomy Station involves first viewing the MYOLOGIK® Atlas CD to gain a visual and conceptual understanding of the muscular system. Students then follow step-by-step instructions and proceed to label the bones with pencil, then clay-build the muscles onto the skeletal MANIKEN® Models.

Previous to the STEM Lab experience, many students had only viewed 2-dimensional representations of anatomy such as in a textbook or a photo. Bruno shares that the students dramatically increase their awareness of and enthusiasm for anatomy through the hands-on discovery and tactile exploration inherent with the Learning System.

One reason Sharon believes it is vitally important for children in middle school to study anatomy is because many of the kids are at a stage in their lives when they are just beginning to consider careers. The students’ experiences with the in-depth anatomy study often spark them to become interested in the medical field and other health sciences.

Why do you think it is important for children in middle school to study human anatomy?

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