…I also learned things I never really understood after 30 years in nursing because the models allow you to visualize in 3-D and make more physiologic correlations. Thanks Zahourek.

Joleen Rinaldo, Secondary Med Prep Instructor, Northeastern Junior College, Sterling, CO

Anatomy Study & Bodywork: Where Rational Thought Meets Healing

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This week we interviewed Mike Conlon, Anatomy and Physiology instructor at the Bancroft School of Massage Therapy in Worcester, MA—where the ANATOMY IN CLAY® Learning System has been in use for over twenty years! The program incorporates our learning system as part of their strategy to utilize as many teaching tools as possible to meet the varied learning styles of their students.

Each student is required to purchase their own MANIKEN® Model, enabling them to learn the skeletal system, build muscular anatomy, as well as engage in ongoing study after graduation. For the anatomy course, students build approximately 100 muscles and incorporate a color system to represent deep, intermediate and superficial muscles. Building in this way helps set a foundation for massage technique classes later in the year.

Students come into the program with a wide range of experience. Many possess detailed knowledge and understanding of Anatomy and Physiology from professional healthcare backgrounds while others come to Bancroft as neophytes.

Mike notes that the muscle building out of clay gives students an appreciation and understanding of skeletal muscle anatomy that they do not get from two-dimensional media such as textbooks or digital resources.

Further, Mike shares that “as an instructor, this teaching method is an invaluable tool. Even students who already have an anatomy background, appreciate this additional method of study.”

But besides the knowledge gained through anatomy study, Mike views body awareness as playing an important role in healing. He goes on to say:

“It is my experience that a better understanding of the human body and its functioning helps people (clients) become more involved in their healthcare. I truly believe that knowledge is power. When a client can bring rational thought and understanding to a healthcare issue…this can help to relieve related stress and anxiety surrounding their recovery. In my experience, as stress and anxiety are lessened, the body’s own recuperative abilities seem to be heightened.”


For those of you who are bodywork professionals, how do you use the ANATOMY IN CLAY® Learning System?

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