…a methodology that would approach the teaching of Anatomy from a different perspective, one that encouraged independence, student-centered instruction, and engaged all types of learners…to my delight I found what I was seeking… the Anatomy in Clay® system transformed our program …

Teri Fleming, Recently Retired Science Instructor, Biology and Anatomy (and winner of Teacher of Year Award six times and nominated 12 times more), Alief, ISD, Houston, TX

Introducing…Our Blog!

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Welcome to the ANATOMY IN CLAY® Blog! Here we will post updates, highlight innovative instructors, invite your comments and suggestions, ask for your input as we build a “Tips” section on our website, and otherwise engage with you – our great, diverse community of educators and students.

Pictured left is Teri Fleming teaching at one of our Professional Development Workshops where educators can earn ECU’s while learning how to utilize the ANATOMY IN CLAY® System in their classrooms.

Teri, a recently retired Science Instructor from Houston, TX,  joined our team of educator advocates over ten years ago to help implement the Learning System into schools all across the U.S. She has witnessed literally thousands of student success stories and knows firsthand that the pedagogy really works!

What have you experienced in the classroom while utilizing the ANATOMY IN CLAY® Learning System? Please share one of your success stories or a challenge you have encountered.

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