• The Mind Cannot Forget What the Hands have Learned™

    …students enjoy working with clay, and I love working among them, teaching, helping, and listening. It’s so gratifying to hear them using anatomical terminology when they don’t even know I’m listening.

  • The Mind Cannot Forget What the Hands have Learned™

    I have seen a dramatic increase in student interest, enthusiasm, and understanding. I even have parents telling me how much their kids love anatomy and using the ANATOMY IN CLAY® Learning System.

  • The Mind Cannot Forget What the Hands have Learned™

    I am not exaggerating when I say that (the) ANATOMY IN CLAY® System has changed my life as a teacher and an artist. It has provided me a way to share with my students a tactical knowledge of the body.


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What we do

We believe in the power of hands-on learning. Students who sculpt body systems develop an indelible understanding of anatomy, biomechanics, and the structures we share. ANATOMY IN CLAY® Learning System provides human and animal learning systems that build confidence and mastery of form and function.


  • Models

    Use our models to teach skeletal, muscular, and other body systems in a powerful and effective way. Our product line includes handcrafted models for a variety of vertebrates, including humans, dogs, and horses.

  • Education

    Learn how to use our systems to help your students master anatomy and physiology. We offer a variety of workshops and self-guided training materials to fit your learning style and busy schedule.

  • News

    Join thousands of educators nationwide who use our learning systems. Newsletters and news stories detail community events. Take a look at peer-reviewed, published studies that underscore the effectiveness of our models in teaching anatomy and physiology.


Did you ever hear what Temple Grandin had to say about our learning system? This was nearly three years ago.


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"A symphony of chords."

Jon Zahourek on the proprioceptor harness — how the peripheral and central nervous systems figure out "what works."


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Nice shot from our friends with Project Lead the Way out in Riverside, California. Yes, we are there today with 1,200 educators sharing what works!

TRANSFORMATIVE (that’s the name of the conference).


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Who is with us here in #Riverside at the 2016 California PLTW State Conference?


5th Annual Conference.


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We will be there next week in Riverside, California !

TRANSFORMATIVE: 2016 California PLTW 5th Annual Conference


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